• These photos are for illustration purposes. Not all LED fans are included.
    Please refer to the "Cooling System" for actual fan specification
  • High performance "Cube" case for gamers and enthusiast - Supports Micro-ATX MBs.
  • Solidly constructed chassis - 0.6mm SECC Japanese Steel.
  • High-end Graphic card Support - Supports longer high-end VGA cards up to 300mm.
  • High versatility - Supports 2 x 5 1/4" devices (external), 1 x 3, 1/2" device (external) - and 2 x 3 1/2" HDDs (internal).
  • Supports standard ATX PSU – 140mm prefer length but can support up to 160mm.
  • Ease of Installation - Screw-less kits are provided for the 5 1/4"bays.
  • Easy Access front I/O ports - 2 x USBs and Audio/Mic (AC 97+ HD Audio).
  • Unique "Double Decker" chassis – isolates excessive heat producing components from the rest of the system. This unique structure also created more space inside the chassis to support high end components.
  • Excellent Thermal Performance – install up to 1 x 12cm intake fan (included) and 3 x 8cm exhaust fans (optional).
  • Fan controller with LED color switch – users has the option to set the fan speed to "Low", "Medium" and "High". Users also has the option option to set the front 12cm LED fan to Blue LED or Red LED or switch off the LED light completely.
Superb airflow - install up to 5 fans !!
  1. 1. Front - 1 x 12cm Blue & Red LED fan (included)
  2. 2. Front - 1 x 6cm fan (optional)
  1. 2. Rear (top) - 1 x 8cm fan (optional)
  2. 3. Rear (bottom) - 2 x 8cm fan (optional)

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Case Type Cube Tower
Material SECC 0.6mm
Motherboards Micro-ATX
Chassis Dimensions 300 mm(H) x 240 mm(W) x 391 mm(D)
Carton Dimension 338 mm(H) x 282 mm(W) x 428 mm(D)
Net Weight 5.2Kg
Gross Weight 6.2Kg (Retail box included)
Drive Bays 2 x 5.25" (External)  / 1 x 3.5" (External)  / 2 x 3.5” (Hidden)
Expansion Slots 4 Slots
Max length space available for PCI slots 330 mm
I/O Ports 2 x USB2.0 / Mic & headphone (AC97 & HD audio)
PSU limitation Standard ATX PSU but recommending the depth no longer than 140mm and preferably Non-Modular connect type PSU.
Inside this packaging 4pcs for PSU Screw / 8pcs for M/B & 3.5"HDD Screw / 8pcs for ODD & FDD & 2.5"HDD Screw / 8Set for M/B /
8pcs for M/B & 3.5"HDD Screw
Fan 120 x 120 x 18mm
(with Quad Blue & Red LEDs)
Rated voltage 12V
Starting voltage DC 9V ~ 13.8V
Power consumption 2.4W
Rated current 0.20A
Speed 1500 RPM ± 10%
Air Flow (CFM) 63.75 CFM (Max)
Air pressure 2.07mm H2O
Noise (dBA) 26.81 dB-A
Bearing Sleeve
3dxtreme OCHQ HiTech
Be Cool!Be Aerocool!