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  • Access 16.8 million colors with RGB 4-pin using P7-H1 or other compatible motherboards including ASUS Aura, MSI’s Mystic Light Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion.
  • Fan blade fins direct airflow to increase air pressure for maximum cooling performance and reduce air resistance and minimize noise.
  • Anti-Vibration pads absorb and dampen vibrations caused by fan rotation.
  • Removable fan blades for easier access to clear dust build up.
  • P7-H1
  • Synchronize all Aerocool RGB products and other RGB 4-pin compatible products.
  • Both LED outputs collectively support up to 24 Watts.
  • The software updates regularly to provide additional LED effects.
  • Up to eight individual hubs (P7-H1) can be connected and identified with the built-in switch board through a single motherboard.
  • The P7-H1 software is compatible with Window 7 and newer versions.
  • Multiple ways to install the hub inside the case using Velcro strap, screws, or zip ties.
Model P7-F12 Pro
Included P7-F12 x 3 & P7-H1 x 1
P7-F12(Project 7-Fan 12cm)  
Fan Dimension (L x W x H) 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Fan Speed 1200 rpm
Fan Starting Voltage 9 V
Fan Rated Voltage 12 V
Fan Rated Current 0.15 A
Air Pressure 1.01 mmH2O
Air Flow 45.8 CFM
Fan Noise Level 14.5 dBA
Bearing Type Hydraulic Bearing
MTBF 60000 hrs.
P7-H1(Project 7-Hub1)  
Main Function PWM Fan Speed Control
Connector 9-Pin USB 2.0
LED Output 2 Connectors (Expandable)
LED Output (Watt) Up to 24 Watts
Fan Output 5 Connectors
Fan Output (Watt) Up to 18 Watts
System Compatibility Windows 7 and Newer Versions
Software Enabled LED Light Control
Accessories Velcro Strap x 1
Screw x 4
Black Zip Tie x 4
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